Critical Acclaim
Frank Capra and the Image of the Journalist
in American Film

"The first book of the IJPC project, Frank Capra and the Image of the Journalist in American Film, sets a precedent of excellence in scholarship, writing, and readability, serving academics, students, and film aficionados alike.
"Academics will find it a valuable resource, especially if teaching a course that examines the image of the journalist, a Capra course, or even a film genres course." Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Spring 2003.

"...a dandy new book that recalls an area of his moviemaking not often cited...." Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times, April 19, 2002.

"Here is real scholarship and original research presented in a wonderfully readable style. Joe Saltzman's book will be consulted for many years to come by film buffs and media scholars alike. I was hooked from the very first page." Leonard Maltin, Film Critic-Historian

"Frank Capra and the Image of the Journalist in American Film is indispensable to any student of the American journalist, the mythical as well as the real one." Loren Ghiglione, Dean Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University

"Saltzman shows that we could reconstruct most of American journalism, at least as it existed in the middle decades of the twentieth century, through Capra's work. Saltzman convincingly demonstrates that the journalist in his films is the link between the private and public spaces of life -- and that negotiating that gap between the heart and the mind, our souls and our jobs, the personal and the professional realms, is the challenge of journalism." Ray Carney, professor of Film and American Studies and director of the Film Studies program, Boston University. General Editor: The Cambridge Film Classics. Author, The Films of Frank Capra

"Although much has been written about Frank Capra's influence on American society, little of this attention has focused on Capra's treatment of that most foundational and fundamental of American institutions, the Fourth Estate. Joe Saltzman corrects that oversight with his carefully researched examination of the depiction of the press in Capra's films. Saltzman's work, particularly his discussion of several lesser-known films by the director, is a significant contribution, not only to Capra scholarship, but to film and journalism studies." Richard R. Ness, author of From Headline Hunter to Superman: A Journalism Filmography.

"Joe Saltzman has written a lively and comprehensive account of filmmaker Frank Capra's contribution to the image of the journalist in popular culture." Howard Good Author of Girl Reporter and The Drunken Journalist, State University of New York at New Paltz.

Journalism & Mass Communication Editor, Autumn 2005, Pp. 327-329, a joint review featuring Saltzman's Frank Capra and the Image of the Journalist in American Film and Matthew C. Ehrlich's Journalism in the Movies.